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A French Onion Soup recipe we heard you say!? No problem, French Guy Cooking to the rescue. Sweet onions, melted cheese and finished with a gnarly top, this delicious dish will give all your tastebuds a warm and comforting hug. You must check out Alex the French Guy Cooking’s channel because it’s packed full of authentic French dishes with little twists that take it to the next level, and he really is the brains of the Food Tube family! Check it out here: The recipe can be found here: Links from the video: F*** French Fries and Tartare [More]
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Jackie’s recipe this week is Pasta with Turkey Meatballs! Jackie’s healthy take on a family favorite is designed to optimize recovery after a long run by consuming a little protein from the turkey meatballs to repair the muscle damage and carbs from the whole wheat pasta to refuel the depleted glycogen stores. Pasta with Turkey Meatballs (3 servings) Ingredients: 1 lb ground turkey ½ cup fat free egg subsitute ½ cup whole wheat breadcrumbs ¼ cup onions, chopped 1 tsp worcestershire sauce 1 tsp NutriFit Mediterranean Spice Blend 2 cup marinara sauce 1 cup, pasta cooked al dente Directions: Meatballs: [More]
How to make pasta with 3-ingredient pasta sauce. This will make a convenient quick lunch with baby greens and tomatoes. A must for college students and busy people. Find all the recipes: Pin my Pins: ~ STAY CONNECTED ~ Find All My Recipes Subscribe to My Blog Pinterest Feedly BlogLovin’ 유지니키친 한글판 . . .
Download link: Good Housekeeping 400 Calorie Meals: Easy Mix-and-Match Recipes for a Skinnier You! by Good Housekeeping [PDF] Going low calorie has never been simpler! Every one of these main dishes from Good Housekeeping has 400 calories or less, tastes absolutely delicious, and couldn’t be easier to prepare. More than 140 irresistible entr es range from Warm Mushroom and Chicken Salad with Bacon to Shrimp Fettuccine, Chiles Relle os Casserole, and Vegetarian Souvlaki. Round out the meals with 88 tempting add-ons, from yummy appetizers (including bruschetta) to healthy veggie sides and even desserts, like a cookie or Banana Berry [More]
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Healthy Diet Recipes, Japanese Burdock roots recipe which called Kinpira Gobo. きんぴらごぼう Burdock roots have lots of fibers and there are very tasty vegetables. It is very traditional cooking and authentic Japanese vegetables but not popular in western world. Yuri teaches how to prepare gobo roots and how to cook very tasty authentic Japanese Kinpira gobo. This side dish is very good with rice. Great for Japanese style lunch in the bento box.
Recipe of Achaari Hara mutton, Masala Botti & Chocolate Halwa By Zarnak Sidhwa Part 4 | HUM Masala TV | Food Diaries Recipes | LivePakNews.Com