Thaumcraft 3 – Research Recipes

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SLIGHT UPDATE: UNIFIED THEORY NOW REQUIRES THE ESSENCE OF TIME! WARNING: This video is a complete spoiler as to the researching recipes in Thaumcraft 3, and …


namedcreekrocks says:

there is i missed it :O

Darke Exelbirth says:

Such as? Keep in mind, this was put up in december, and there’s a second video up after this one that has more.

namedcreekrocks says:

ya im missing a few rearches that would be help ful

TheFireMage100 says:

i think he means golem

spartancamo says:

u kinda missed eyesight XD

SuperTooleBox says:

Awesome help man favourites

David Dettmann says:

this is the best vid ever

Lucas blackaller-kidd says:


M Yelmer says:


legosimbot says:


Darke Exelbirth says:

FIRST! Haha, couldn’t resist, but yeah, really thought it’d be great for everyone to have a little cheat sheet they could watch.

Diego Alvarez says:

This is like the first thauncraft research video

WhoKilledKenny8 says:

advanced stone golems?

Darke Exelbirth says:

You know, I probably should. Between that and the latest additions, there should be enough for another video.

TRAToxic says:

And Grammar!

TRAToxic says:

So dose your spelling!

Jollitroll says:

can you also add the forestry addon?

Darke Exelbirth says:

No problem! Don’t forget to check out the sequel video if you haven’t already. And expect more of these cheat-sheet videos every time thaumcraft adds enough new things

c2tothemax says:

Subscribed, thanks for the help :)

Darke Exelbirth says:

Now now, no need to get aggravated by him. He’s obviously a troll (checked his feed, nothing but 3 word comments attempting to provoke fighting)

Nathan Mahan says:

Hey fuck off guy! Exelbirth has been nothing but helpful! I have finished thaumcraft 3 times and he helps everytime! thanks Darke!

Darke Exelbirth says:

Reason being? It’s alright not to like a video, but it’s pretty pointless to post a comment saying something sucks without suggesting a way to improve things. But checking out previous comments in your feed seems to indicate you spend your time on youtube doing nothing but attempt to invoke flame wars on every video that has any sort of popularity. So troll, I bid you good day, and wish you best of luck in your future endeavors.

Hazzaa3y says:

Your Video suck

Darke Exelbirth says:

Electro House remixes of the minecraft music discs.

Tyneras says:

What’s the music? I like it.

Darke Exelbirth says:

Elaborate. Are you talking about the one recipe requiring the essence of time? because that was added well after this video was made. My video isn’t wrong, just a bit outdated.

Tekkitinc says:


The112924 says:

Oh nevermind already figured it out ;) it’s a clock, redstone repeater and a written book

The112924 says:

For the unified thaumic field theory you need a new aspect named Tempus (Time, Moment, Season) I am using the Direwolf20 modpack for FTB, so maybe it’s something only for that, or its in an overall Thaumcraft 3 update… idk, but maybe you have any idea on how to get that aspect?

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